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20X30 Basic 2" Barn Wood Picture Frame

All Barn Wood

  • $ 70.92

This 20X30 basic 2” rustic barn wood frame includes backing, and hanging hardware. The simple design of this rustic frame combined with the natural beauty of genuine rustic barn wood is a winning combination. Choose from 4 types of painted styles or keep the rustic natural look of weathered barn wood. Because of this frames size it doesn't ship with glass. If you choose, you can add plexiglass in place of the glass. Plexiglass still looks likes glass and it will not shatter during shipment.

This frame gives you a option to adjust the rabbet depth for stretched canvas. The standard rabbet depth is approximately 3/8" with the option to expand it to 5/8" or 3/4". 

Painted Styles:  

See all barn wood painted color options here


A painting process of painting and sanding lightly to mimic painted barns that have aged and have worn spots.


A process where we paint either only a base coat or a base coat with a dry-brushed second coat, and then we sand the heck out of it.


A process involving painting with one color, sanding in the appropriate spots to give it that "worn" look, and then the application of an antiquing agent in either brown or black to give it that "aged" look.


A process where we paint a base coat and then dry brush a coat of a different color over the top--leaving the base to show through in parts.


Barn Wood frames are made to order. Please allow up to 7 business days for your order to ship.  

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