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Old Crow Suede Turquoise Nylon Rug

  • $ 124.95

Create some western / southwest charm in any room with this Old Crow Suede Turquoise Nylon Rectangle Rug. Choose from six different rug sizes. Sizes include 2X8, 3X4, 4X5, 5X8, 8X11 and 8-foot round. Each rug is made of 100% EnduraStran™ nylon and has a polypropylene backing. It will withstand high traffic areas without fading or breaking down. During the manufacturing process two soil lifting properties and a synthetic fluoropolmer are applied, which makes this rug repel water, and guards against stains, mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria. This highly durable, high quality rug will not only add style, color, and elegance to your floors, but will last for years to come.

Rug Dimensions:

(2' X 8') Runner Approximately: 2' 1" X 7' 8"

(3' X 4') Scatter Approximately: 2’ 8” X 3’ 11”

(4' X 5') Rectangle Approximately: 3' 10" X 5' 4"

(5' X 8') Rectangle Approximately: 5' 4" X 7' 8"

(8' X 11') Rectangle Approximately: 7' 8" X 10' 9"

(8') Round Approximately: 7' 7" X 7' 7"

Rug Weights:

(2' X 8') - 7 lbs

(3' X 4') - 5 lbs

(4' X 5') - 9 lbs

(5' X 8') - 17 lbs

(8' X 11') - 34 lbs

(8' Round) - 23 lbs

EnduraStran™ Nylon System:

EnduraStran yarn systems utilize type 6,6 premium nylon fiber, the strongest carpet fiber available. During the manufacturing process of each rug, the fibers are infused with self-cleaning agents and soil lifting properties. For even more protection all EnduraStran™ fibers are carbon-filled, which reduces static electricity eliminating static shock. This protection does not wear off and is present for the life of your rug. Each rug is tested, treated, and constructed to meet a high traffic rating. This commitment to “commercial grade” construction means this rug is not the least expensive of all rugs, however, you know what you are getting and you are avoiding problems associated with cheaper rugs such as, shedding, unraveling, crushing or deep wear from foot traffic.

Rug Backing:

The back of this rug is reinforced with the durable Loc-Bak  substructure. The combination of EnduraStran™  yarn systems and Loc-Bak™ technology provides added strength and support. This added reinforcement provides dimensional stability, meaning, the rugs will maintain their size, shape, and will not pull apart. The structure provided by Loc-Bak™ prevents your floor cloth from crawling or gathering around table legs, etc.

How to care for your rug:

We recommend using hot water to clean this rug, which in most cases will eliminate the use of harmful chemicals. No carpet is totally stain proof and for the occasional stubborn stains we recommend the use of a dry powder cleaner called CAPTURE.

Color Disclaimer:

Because of different computer monitor and cell phone screen settings, the rug you receive may be slightly different in color than the rug pictured on this page. Each rug is made to order and sizes and weights may vary slightly. We recommended using a rug pad with this and all rugs.

Shipping Information:

This rug is made to order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for your order to ship.


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