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CampMaid's Flip Grill

CampMaid's Flip Grill


  • $ 22.99

CampMaid's Flip Grill is designed to turn your CampMaid Lid Lifter (Sold Separately) into a portable BBQ. The Flip Grill can also be placed in your Dutch Oven and be used as a steamer, or as a serving trivet. CampMaid is a locally owned Utah company.


- Attach Flip Grill to your CampMaid Lid Holder (sold separately or in combo pack)
- Simply "Flip & Grill" over the CampMaid Charcoal Holder (sold separately or in combo pack)
- CampMaid Charcoal Holder clips under grill for cooking!
- Raise and lower for desired heat!
- Can also be used as a Trivet or Steamer!

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