Backlit Metal Wall Art Common Questions

by Troy Webb

Over the last several months, we have received several questions concerning our backlit metal wall art product line. In this article, we hope to answer some of these questions, and show you one of the many backlit designs. So, let's jump into the first question.

How are your backlit designs lit up?

Each piece of backlit wall art is lit up with a LED light strip. This strip is attached to the back rail just behind the metal art. LED light strips are made to last thousands of hours without replacement. The light strip is controlled with a dimmer switch, which allows you to control the brightness of the piece while hanging on the wall.

How is the piece hung on the wall?

Located on the back of the art are two mounting holes built right into the piece, just like the back of a picture. When the art is shipped, you will receive two drywall anchors and two mounting screws. If you’re mounting the design on a brick fireplace, for example, you will need to purchase the tools needed for this mounting situation. Hanging the wall art on the wall is just like hanging a photo, however, an outlet to run the LED light will need to be nearby.

How is the power cord attached to the backlit wall decor?

Each design includes a 56” power cord that is attached just before the dimmer switch. The dimmer is mounted and hidden on the back side of the design.

How do you hide the power wire?

This is a more recent question, as more and more customers would like to know how to hide the power cord. Most customers hang the piece over a couch, bed, or some type of furniture, which allows the cord to be hidden behind the furniture. Another way to hide the cord is to purchase wall cord hiders from any hardware store. This would give you a nice clean look and the cord will not be dangling down your wall.

How will the art look on my wall?

This question is hard to answer, as each home or cabin is different. The only way to give you an idea of how one of our backlit metal wall art pieces may look in your home, is to show a piece on an actual wall. So, in the video above, I hold a lit-up Moose Family to a brick wall, a white wall, and a forest green wall, to hopefully provide you with an idea of what one of our designs will look like. Now, each piece of backlit art comes in your choice of two-tone rust powder coat, rust powder coat, and black powder coat. Depending on which color you chose, this will also play into how the design will look on your wall.

We hope that this review has answered some of your question that you may have. If you’re interested in browsing some wall art designs, click here. Some top designs are the Bear Family, Moose Family, Elk Family, YEI design, Spirt Talker, and Kokopelli.

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