Metal Garden Wind Spinners for a Kinetic Outdoor Aesthetic

by Troy Webb


Metal garden wind spinners add a fun, kinetic, aesthetic to any garden, patio or shed. Wind spinners, also known as whirligigs, are items with ancient origins that are now commonly used as garden decorations and feature at least one component that spins or whirls. Whirligigs can be operated manually, friction, motor, or most often, the wind. A wind-driven spinner converts wind energy into either a simple release of kinetic energy through rotation or a complex kinetic energy transfer that powers a mechanism which generates repeating motions.

Inspired by the Outdoors' Metal Garden Wind Spinners use the power of wind to create a moving piece of colorful art. They are made of 18-gauge steel with protective high-gloss paint to protect them from the elements. Our wind spinners are attached to a stainless-steel ball bearing swivel that allows the piece to spin in the slightest breeze.

How to Hang Your Wind Spinner

American Flag Metal Wind Spinner

When hanging a spinner, avoid using thick string and twine. The best solution is to use fishing line. The fishing line's narrow and light profile provides less resistance and enables the spinner to turn in even the lightest winds. Make sure the line can support the weight of the spinner by looking at its weight capacity. Change the fishing line every year, as plastic that is kept outdoors degrades over time.

How to Care for Your Wind Spinner

As with all garden decor, keeping colorful items in areas that receive shade most of the day prevents UV damage and other deterioration. Some people use UV protectors (or polyurethane) to protect their garden decor from the elements. UV protectors come in spray-on form and are designed to guard against outdoor decor degradation caused by sunlight exposure. All Inspired by the Outdoors' Metal Garden Wind Spinners are coated with a protective baked-on powder coating so that they can be displayed outdoors year-round.

Additionally, the "swivel" on which wind spinners rotate may seize up over time. If the device is not spinning, the swivel has probably seized up. To fix this, spray it lightly with lubrication and carefully spin the swivel to ease it loose.

Inspired by the Outdoors' Metal Garden Wind Spinners are fun, decorative and make wonderful gifts. Whimsical garden accessories rank high on many wish lists and Inspired by the Outdoors has a wide selection of metal wind spinners with a variety of designs including floral, animal and fantasy themes as well as law enforcement, military and first responder designs. Our wind spinners also come in holiday themes; for instance, we have a witch, snowman, pumpkin and American flag designs.

Pumpkin Wind Spinner Combo

We also offer a unique combo spinner, which has a small spinner attached to the bottom of the big spinner for extra kinetic fun. You can get your own Inspired by the Outdoors' Metal Garden Wind Spinner here!

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