Ricks Springs - Logan Canyon Utah

by Troy Webb

Logan Canyon is one of Utah’s Scenic byways and connects the Cache and Bear Lake Valleys. The drive from Logan to Bear Lake will provide spectacular views of the surrounding area, but if you really want to enjoy this canyon you must stop and take part in the many activities this canyon has to offer, such as hiking, camping, and sightseeing.

Ricks Springs - Logan Canyon Utah

Ricks Springs is one of the unique sights in this canyon and is located approximately 15.7 miles from the mouth of the canyon. There are two pullouts for parking, one on each side of the canyon road.  From the parking area, visitors can enjoy a walk along a boardwalk, which will allow you to view this unique natural feature. Signs will provide information about the area and the geologic features of Ricks Springs.

Geology of Ricks Springs:

Ricks Spring is a karst spring, which means the water is rapidly transported through underground caverns. The water flowing out of the spring comes from the Logan River. The rock that surrounds the Ricks Spring cavern has been folded, causing a fault line. This fault line passes through the cave and connects with the river. The spring is an underwater cave that is large enough that many cave divers have explored this cave system up to 2200 feet.

Ricks Springs - Logan Canyon Utah - Inspired by the Outdoors

Don’t Drink the Water!

We advise that you don’t’ drink the water because it does not come from an artesian source. This means the water is not safe to drink. For many years, the water from Ricks Spring was believed to be pure mountain spring water. Many visitors drank from the spring and filled jugs to take home, causing most to become sick from the microorganisms in the water. The water in the spring must be filtered with the proper water filter or boiled before drinking.

Ricks Springs - Logan Canyon Utah


From the mouth of Logan Canyon, travel approximately 15.7 miles to mile marker 477. You will see the parking areas on both sides of the road.

If you happen to be driving through Logan Canyon, enjoying the scenic drive, stop and take the time to visit Ricks Spring. You can view this area in less than 15 minutes or stay as long as you would like.

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