Wall Art that Works: Using Decorative Metal Wall Shelves in Your Home

by Troy Webb

You're proud of your home, so naturally you want to add furniture, textiles and decorative home accessories that make it look even better. Your walls are the perfect canvas for your unique style, but did you know your wall art can add function and beauty? Our decorative metal shelves with hooks hold your everyday necessities — keys, dog leashes, lanyards, bags and more — at your fingertips and can be used virtually anywhere. Easy to mount and simple to use, they aren't just wall art: they're storage, display and organization tools, too.

Rustic Metal Wall Shelf with Coat Hooks

Rustic Silhouette Metal Wall Shelves

The "cut out" design of our sturdy metal shelves allows the natural beauty of your walls to shine through; whether it's a favorite paint color or charming wood paneling. The classic aged metal decorative element below is perfectly balanced with a wooden top to hold your picture frames, small plants or favorite collectibles. Sturdy coat hooks keep jackets at the ready in cold weather, or hold items like swimsuits and lakeside accessories when summer comes around. These unique metal hook wall shelves also make fantastic housewarming gifts, as well as welcome additions to a vacation rental home or getaway cabin.

Metal Wall Shelf with Coat Hooks

Perfectly Sized Metal Hook Shelves

Whether you need a moderately sized metal wall shelf in the entryway or want to add a larger metal hook shelf in a guest room or den, you're in luck. Not only do you have three different sizes — 20", 34" or 42" — to choose from to suit your needs, you'll also have an exciting array of designs to pick from. Go for classic cabin-style decor with wildlife like deer or bears, get back to nature with towering pine tree and pinecone silhouettes, or opt for laid-back southwestern ranch styles with cowboys, cowgirls and bucking bronco wall shelves. You'll even find sports silhouettes; farmyard, barnyard and farmhouse options; and beautiful Native American designs. No matter which shelves catch your eye, rest assured that they're going to look fantastic in your home, vacation home or cabin.

Add Storage and Functionality

In areas like the kitchen or garage, space is often at a premium. Most clever storage solutions are lacking in looks, but not when you use decorative metal wall shelves. Once mounted on your wall of choice, the hooks can be used for everything from aprons to hand tools, freeing up both countertop and cabinet space for more storage. The stylish designs and sturdy wood tops also stand up to the demands of a busy room, with metal hooks that are ready to work as hard as you do. In other words, these metal silhouette shelves aren't just a "pretty face" — they're also made to be used for everyday efficiency. Don't dig through boxes, drawers and cluttered counters to use your favorite workspaces. Instead, add one of our metal wall shelves with hooks and enjoy a tidier space.

Ready to make your walls into a clever canvas of organization? Find your favorite shelf designs at Inspired by the Outdoors today!

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