Metal Powder Coat Finish Examples

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In this video, I answer the most frequently asked question about our metal powder coat finishes. Most of the metal decor offered on Inspired by the Outdoors comes in a variety of metal finishes. However, most of our metal wall art, bathroom decor, home accessories, and vanity lighting are offered in your choice of three metal finishes; two-tone rust, rust, and black powder coat. Each metal finish is a baked on powder coat paint, making the piece perfect for indoor and outdoor display. Due to our wide variety of metal decor options, please see each individual product page for available metal art colors and options.

If you have further questions, please contact us anytime time.


  • Troy

    Hello Larry,

    Thank you for your question. All of our powder coated products with the choice of the Two Tone Rust, Rust or Black powder coats, are made out of 14 gauge metal.

  • Larry Brown

    How thick is the metal? I’m thinking of putting it on a fence,

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