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Barrier Canyon Ghost 22 Inch Oval Southwest Metal Wall Art

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Add a southwest charm to your home or cabin with southwest style metal decor and wall art. Each piece of charming wall decor is handmade and ships directly from the manufacturer here in Utah.  This 22” piece of oval southwest metal decor features a Barrier Canyon Ghost. Inspired by the Native American Rock Art that can be found in Horseshoe Canyon (Canyonlands National Park.)

Although some of our metal art designs are common to Native American culture, please note that we do not represent any of our products as “Authentic” Native American manufactured goods.

This product is made to order and usually ships in 2 to 4 weeks.

Horseshoe Canyon:

The archeology of Horseshoe Canyon spans thousands of years of human history. Artifacts recovered from sites in this area date back as early as 9000-7000 BCE (Before Common Era), when Paleoindians hunted large mammals like mastodons and mammoths across the southwest.

American Indian rock art found in Horseshoe Canyon is most commonly painted in a style known as “Barrier Canyon.” This style is believed to date to the Late Archaic period, from 2000 BCE to 500 CE (Common Era). During this time, nomadic groups of hunter-gatherers made Horseshoe Canyon their seasonal home.

During later periods, the Fremont and ancestral Puebloan cultures left their own distinctive rock art in the canyon, but their presence was brief in comparison, and final abandonment occurred by 1300 CE.

The Great Gallery is the best known and most spectacular of the Horseshoe Canyon panels. This well preserved site includes both pictographs (painted figures) and petroglyphs (figures etched in the rock with a sharp stone). The tapered, life-size figures lack arms and legs, but frequently contain intricate designs. These designs are characteristic of the Barrier Canyon style.

Product Dimensions:

11.5” X 22”

Available finishes:

Two Tone Rust "TTR"

Rust Powder Coat "RP"

Black Powder Coat "BP"

Metal art is powder coated, so this piece can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

Click here to see product samples of our three metal art finishes.

Metal Finish Disclaimer:

Please note, the metal finish on all of our rustic metal art is hand crafted. The metal surface is presented to you in the exact way as it was received from the mill, which may include some dings, and scratches. This distress look is left to add that rustic charm to each piece of metal decor. Please note that this process can create variations in color and texture.  Not only is each piece made to order, each piece is also unique to you.


This product is made to order and usually ships in 2 to 4 weeks.

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