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Australian Shepherd Dog Design Weathervane

  • $ 24.95

This handmade functional weathervane features an Australian Shepherd dog design. Well known as the “Aussie”, this breed of dog is hardworking, intelligent, and was originally bred to herd livestock. This weathervane is made of strong 16-gauge steel. The top pivots on a strong stainless-steel pin. The wind-cups have a sealed ball bearing that will spin with the slightest breeze.  Choose from 3 different mounts to fit your mounting needs.

Each piece is pridefully made in the USA.

Product Dimensions:

Top Design – 11” X 21”

Mount Dimensions:

Garden Pole – 57” high

Roof Mount – 15" H X 10”W (Can be bent to fit the pitch of your roof.)

Adjustable Mount - 3" H X 3" W (Pole is Approximately 18" H)

Metal Thickness:

16 Gauge Steel


This product is powder coated with a copper vein colored paint. The paint is baked on for a long lasting finish.


Please allow 1 to 7 business days for your order to ship.

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